Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for PC

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In 2017, Guerrilla surprised us again with the launch of a new IP, far removed from "its comfort zone": Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerrilla has always been synonymous with quality, and everything and that in its beginnings its new bet did not quite attract the public, little by little and with each trailer it was winning it, until its launch, where it fell in love with millions of PlayStation players.

In this article I will focus on the technical quality of the long-awaited port that comes to PC through Epic and Steam, in the words of the studio, so that "we can fully experience the world we create."

Graphic quality

I have to confess that, for various reasons, I did not have the opportunity to test Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4, therefore my opinion about the graphic quality is not intensified for this reason. This game is the typical one that, within five minutes of starting, you realize the technical wonder we have in front of us. Actually my reaction to setting all the graphic settings to the maximum was "wow", which I did not expect because it is a 2017 video game. It feels fresh, recent, as if it were a game from this year.


Obviously, and been used to the capabilities of a high-end PC, I have perhaps seen better details, more drawing distance or better textures in other works, but what stands out about Horizon is its artistic section, it knows how to play perfectly with all aspects to give them incredible realism, without having anything that is "never seen before" on PC.

Perhaps the most notable section at the graphic level of Guerrilla's work is the lighting and reflections, absolutely incredible and very detailed, although perhaps certain effects may be annoying for some players, since it is true that sometimes they could distract us excessively from our chores. Seeing the very high level in terms of lighting, I miss the support for Ray Tracing; It would have been absolutely amazing to have this technology in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Performance and optimization

We enter what is, by definition, the most controversial aspect of a console port to PC, since we practically always find that the compatible version of any video game has a lower technical quality. Yes, it may be that it has more details, better shadows, higher frame rates but it may also be that we find errors that are not present in the console versions.

In the case of the Horizon Zero Dawn port, I really must confess that they wanted to "spoil" PC gamers in this regard; the game has very affordable recommended requirements and it is relatively easy to hit 60fps on modest hardware with more than decent graphics settings.

Then we leave you the characteristics of the computers on which I could test the game:

Desktop PC

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 8600k @5.00Ghz (6 cores, 6 threads)
  • RAM memory: 16GB DDR4 @3000 Mhz
  • Graphics card: AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB (Stock, no overclock).
  • Storage: 1 x Samsung 960 EVO 1TB NVMe SSD + 1 x Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD.
  • Monitor: OMEN 27 ”2560 x 1440p 165Hz (With G-Sync).


During the game, there are no obvious frame drops, although there are certain textures that seem to cost you more, although future patches are likely to correct the problem. (Although I do not rule out possible behaviors in the background of the computer).


Horizon Zero Dawn finally lands on compatible. Whether you are one of those who have already played the PS4 version or have never tried it, now is really the best time. It is a delight to play it on computer.

PlayStation seems to want to dominate also within the PC world and gives us a well optimized game, with a great adaptation to keyboard and mouse, an exquisite soundtrack, a gigantic world to explore and some scenes in which you will want to keep your screen frozen for a few how many seconds. In this game you will want to use the photo mode yes or yes.

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