Small animals such as spiders and horns

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Hello Photography Lover..
Do you know the name of this animal? If you know, please write in the comments column, I have searched for articles through search engines, but I did not find the article, but, in my area, it is commonly called the horned spider. I saw on the body of this animal there are four horns on its body, Two in front and two behind, This animal also has a web like a spider in general. So here are some of my macro images this time, and I'm sharing with all of you. I hope you like my photos. As I said above, if you know what the name of this animal is, please let me know in the comments column below. Have fun.

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Posts about the life of all types of insects in nature

Thank you to friends who always support my activities in seeing all forms of insect life activities that live in the Acehnese nature.

Best Regards
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