Nasi Padang, One authentic food from my country

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Hello, friends especially foodies!

Last night i ordered nasi padang, for our dinner. We ordered nasi padang from one of a well known over decades padangnese restaurant. Even though now many serve nasi padang in a paper box but we still prefer and love that it wrapped in paper and banana leaves like what we ordered yesterday.


The dishes that accompanied us to eat were

Chicken gulai - chicken cooked traditionally in coconut soup. The taste was spicy, savory and of course tasty.

Next we also had perkedel, made from potato which were boiled then mashed and then fried again. It had soft texture in savory flavour.

Best we had was their udang balado (shrimps cooked in chilli paste) which were really fresh and served with petai too. It had a complete flavour of savory, spicy, sour and sweet. I love it much.

If you come to Indonesia i recommend you to try our nasi padang too..

Thanks for reading my blog,
Regards from Indonesia!

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