Re-introducing Myself - Hello Steem SEA

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Hello everybody! I am here to re-introduce myself as suggested by sir @anroja. I am @shawmeow, and I am from Philippines. I just found out recently about Steem SEA (Southeast Asia) so this is basically me introducinh myself on the community.

I love to travel

I am @shawmeow the traveler. Yes, I love traveling to visit places, volunteer, and unwind. In the picture below, I am on one of the islands of Hundred Islands. It's been last year since my last travel because I am unable to do so this year. Perhaps or hopefully after Covid19 pandemic I can travel again.


I teach deaf people

Yes, I teach deaf people using sign language. My Steemit mentor @iyanpol12 is also teaching deaf people. In the picture below are my students and friends who are deaf. How I miss to see them again!


I love arts

Yes, I love drawing, painting, and other creative stuff. I don't consider myself an artist as I am not professional or not that skillful. I consider it a hobby, and the picture below is the sketch of my profile picture here.


I love gardening

I have a garden, and it's my stress reliever. As shown in the picture below is just a part of my garden. I have plants with mostly flowers. I also have a small farm with vegetables planted. It is important to be self-sufficient nowadays because of the quarantine. These plants helped me to feel at ease starting lockdown was implemented.


I love pets

I am an animal lover! I have a number of animals taken cares of including the dog in the picture sitting in my lap. I also have some cats, other dogs, doves, and even chickens.


I love foods

I am a foodie girl. Yes, I love hanging out with friends eating in restaurants. But that food below is homemade.


I love taking pictures

I am not a photographer but I love taking pictures, especially of micro photography. The picture below is just one of them.


So this is me sharing about myself, and I am glad to continue Steeming.

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Hey buddy, you can post a photo holding a piece of paper with your current account name on it for re-introduction, to avoid multiple accounts. You can press the edit button to repost the photo.

glad to see you join the steemSEA community. We will be waiting for your story in the diary game , Happy Good Day 👍

Thanks for the advise sir. I just edited it. 😃

Thank you so much

Terima kasih @shawmeow telah memperkenalkan diri kembali.
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