Cup Handle Formation at Hive Price!

in hive-108451 •  8 months ago 

Here is the pattern of Hive Price which I draw three months ago! I have never updated it and price moves one to one according to the formation!

Hive threw itself over $ 0.30 but could not hold on. It came back from 0.42 USD. It was too early to go up! So It turned back to 0.30 USD and 0.20 USD which is the greatest support of price!

You can see the support line of RSI! It was broken a few days ago and price dumped! 0.20 USD supported the price!

Hive will draw handle. We need a few days to draw. If it is drawn, Next target for Hive will be 0.50 USD!

0.30 USD will be important level and difficult to break!

Hive can do it!

Ekran Resmi 20210225 23.00.45.png

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