Movie Review: The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

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One night, Washington Post journalist John Klein who was sent to cover an event and his wife, Mary, were involved in a car accident when Mary tried to avoid colliding with a winged board while driving. John survived but Mary was hospitalized with injuries. After a long time in the ward, Mary breathed her last leaving the last sketches she was trying to draw to illustrate the board she was staring at.
Two years later, John, who lost his way of life, found himself lost in the West Virginia area, hundreds of miles away from his original destination.

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That night, his car had an engine problem causing him to be stranded in a small town called Point Pleasant. A local female police officer named Connie Mills took her to a motel while waiting for her car to be towed to a car repair shop.
When Connie found out that John was a journalist, she recounted how the frequent wing-wing shadow disturbances as well as some other bizarre incidents has been occurring and told John about it, she also told him about several dreams and also seeing a Moth with red eyes.

Could it be that there is truth behind the allegations of John's late wife about the shadows he had seen two years earlier?
This movie is Based on actual events that took place in Point Pleasant from Nov, 1966 to Dec, 1967.

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Movie Rating: 7/10

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