Movie Review: WONDER WOMAN 1984

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Action / Superhero
Director: Patty Jenkins
Release Date: 17 December 2020

The first time she appeared, Wonder Woman appeared with elegant acting and action-packed, while many other DC Comics superhero works were less successful. Various criticisms are given primarily involving the citizenship of the lead actress rather than the work itself. The release of this movie is often delayed due to the current pandemic situation, the second film of the series managed to make a comeback again. What about the consistency of this female superhero persona?

WONDER WOMAN 1984 tells the story of Diana who continued her life for more than a decade after Steve's death.
The film begins with a little background on Diana Prince's childhood story. Then, neighborhood-friendly action to capture the audience’s interest when Wonder Woman helps catch the villains at the mall. Then the story is well developed after the life of Diana who is still looking for the purpose of her life. Meanwhile, the characters Barbara the Cheetah and Maxwell Lord are also arranged one by one. Adding conflict to each character is not confusing. This side plot unites with the main plot and direction of the story. It feels like a vibe like watching an 80-90s superhero movie but with a modern feeling. Aside from the evolving character, the audience is sure to be thrilled to see the diverse powers of Wonder Woman this time around.

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The cinematographic arrangement should be praised, The placement of the image and the suitability of the 80s era is indeed made in its own aesthetic. The use of color variations, the visual In each scene looks so much like the 80s. Although only a few CGI visuals look a little awkward, this can be affected as the audience is not accustomed to the extraordinary. This does not detract from the main genre of this film. Perhaps the audience expects more 80s elements like loud background music to be put together.

Gal Gadot's acting once again revives the persona of the Amazons hero who is resilient and strong but still retains the feminine element. The revival of Steve's character is definitely awaited by fans because of the effectiveness of his character in the first film. For this second film, this character is brought back with a similar purpose. Kristen Wiig also plays the character of Cheetah girl Barbara so brilliantly. The two sides of the character difference can be immersed in the audience. Cheetah also played an important role in stealing the scene with his agile fighting action. However, the overall climax of this second work is flat as there is no strong impact like the previous work.

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The wait for WONDER WOMAN 1984 to hit the cinema was not in vain. The film once again becomes a savior as the audience thirsts for action on the screen after living confined indoors. The simple storytelling style and feel of the television series make it so classic. Viewers will also be enchanted by the beautiful cinematography that director Jenkins tries to highlight. This movie is suitable for watching for those who like action movie entertainment and superheroes. There is a special character scene in the middle of the final credit.

Rating: 8/10

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