America's Newsroom 4/10/20 | Breaking Fox News April 10, 2020

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Ed Henry, NEVER TRUMPER, IS CONSTANTLY PICKING SH!T WITH THE CHICKENS! At some point we have to open the Country and the Demoncrats will do their best to point out the virus is coming back and actually hope the virus comes back! The Virus will come back, like the Flu and nothing we can do about that! Once China released the virus, it's here to stay! If we keep the Country closed for 18 months as Demoncrats and Fauchy want, the virus would still come back, however the economy would be dead for a very long time! Henry along with Wallass, Brett Baer and others at Fox do their best to sow DISCONTENT and fear during their so called newscasts! Sneaky Snakes!

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