Coronavirus Disrupts Daily Life As Trump Declares National Emergency

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This is a scary time. Around where I live things are flying off the shelf. Shelves are bare. People are starting to fight over the last package of bathroom tissue. Cleaning supplies, water. Rubbing alcohol, paper towels, bathroom tissue are where you can't buy them. I prayvsoon for meds to cure this coronovirus. Everyone use common sense wash your hands and do all measured taken and precautions. I have never seen anything like this in my life. No people should be joking about this it is no joking matter. We are in for a big long ride. I'm trying not to panic but still I won't lie in saying I'm sacred and worried for all. Hope it goes away soon. Now better than later. No hand sanitizer anywhere. It's almost spring and people are getting sick. Wow. If only they could have stopped the cruises and etc we might be better. Again everyone take precautions and stay safe and praying doesn't hurt. Hang in there everyone.

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