India Lockdown: 1,200 Students Stranded In Kota Leave For Bihar In Special Train

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1,200 Students Stranded In Kota Leave For Bihar In Special Train

A second train will depart Kota on Sunday night, railway officials said (Representational)


Over 1,200 students from Bihar, who had been stranded in Kota for more than a month due to lockdown, finally left for their home state in a special train on Sunday, but another 10,000 still remained stuck in the Rajasthan city.

The 1,211 students seated in 24 coaches departed from Kota for Begusarai around 12 noon.

A second train with no scheduled stoppage during the journey with another batch of students from Gaya Zone will depart Kota Sunday night, railway officials said.

The Kota administration has notified students about their travel plans through texts on their mobile phones and only those students who have received the message are allowed to enter the railway station, said Pramod Mewara, a coaching institute member liaising with the district administration for the exercise.

A large number of students had gathered outside the Kota station in the hope of boarding the train.

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