Bill Belichick 'was only going to pay Tom Brady so much' to stay with Patriots

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Max I'm a hardcore Patriots fan and you're an idiot. You give our coach way too much credit, and I love that guy. You simply did not watch all the games where Tom Brady has to save our butts at the end of the game because we weren't doing good for most of it, and most of the time, he always freaking did. Tom Brady is the most clutch athlete I've ever seen in my life. The "edge" that people love to talk about that the Patriots had, that "never count them out" thing, which I've never seen any other team have ever, where it didn't matter if they were down 30 in the 4th quarter people would be like "well.. it's the Patriots..." That was all Tom Brady man. I hope the Pats are good without him, but they'll never ever be what they were from 2000 - 2019 ever again, nor will any team imo cause they won't have the GOAT. I've been watching that guy for 20 years and I'm telling you you're sleeping on him, he's gonna go get the Bucs a Superbowl win before he retires 100 percent, and I'm gonna be rooting for him. We'll always love Tom, and continue to defend him even though he's gone.

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