Pangash Fish weighs 28 kg, while Katal Fish weighs 25 kg !!!!

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A huge pangas and a katla fish have been caught in Daulatdia Padma river in Goalanda upazila of Rajbari. At midnight on Sunday, fishermen caught 1 pangas weighing about 28 kg and 1 katla fish weighing 25 kg 300 gms in their nets.


When two fish were brought to Daulatdia ferry terminal on Monday morning, fish trader Chandu Mollah Pangash caught the fish at a price of Tk 1,350 per kg and another fish trader Md. Shahjahan Sheikh bought the catla fish at 1,600 rupees per kg. After that, when the two fish were tied to the platoon of Daulatdia Ferry Ghat No. 5, the curious crowd gathered to see it. Later, the Pangash fish was sold to an industrialist and trader in Dhaka and the Katla fish to a trader in Gazipur.

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