Nick Wright reports: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have spoken, interaction said to be "all business"

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There are "weak" teams who would love to have Brady, but they know they have no shot at landing him, so of course they are not working on it (make that 16 teams), there are 6 to 8 teams (Dallas is not one of them) that have great qbs and are not interested that leaves 8 to 10 teams with a real shot at landing Brady and they are monitoring the situation. That "freezes" the league because those teams will not make qb moves until they find out what Tom is doing. Manginii do you really believe that the 49ers or Dallas would not be better with Brady, c'mon man. Tom makes the 3 game winning throws Dak misses and Tom hits the game winner for the 49ers and they are Super Bowl champs not KC. Mangini watch the games, get real.

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