Over 200 retired senior military leaders endorse Donald Trump, Criticize Biden's Record

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I remember when this was happening last time! Who else saw this coming back around? It was during the same type of racial climate as before. I hope the officers recover and I also hope that Justice gets passed down to people who have been murdered by police. I hope they use the same Swift action to apprehend and charge police officers as they do when police officers get hurt by civilians. I'm glad that the FBI is helping the LA police Dept to find the shooter. I hope the FBI also does it's independent investigations on police when it comes to charging police officers for civil rights violations and just basic wrongdoings especially when you see them happen right before your eyes. I sure hope it doesn't take three or four months or a year to find the shooter of these police officers! Like it took 3 ,4 , or 5 months and over a year to bring down police officers who abuse their power and kill people.

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