President Trump revels in crowd of several thousands at Michigan rally amid Woodward book fallout - Chicago Tribune

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"China should not have allowed it to happen." What a monumental fool, the adaptation of an existing virus that enabled it to infect humans occurred through a natural process, no government action was taken to modify the virus thusly. Once the virus became adapted to humans, it was off and running in China as well as other countries by passing from person to person. The weak link was Trump's notion that he had to appear to the an "in-control" leader. Not so, what he had to become was an actual leader, which he could not do as he lacks the intellectual capacity. So, he assumed his default position of lying as it has always worked in the past, but the virus was different. It didn't care about his lies, it just behaved as all viruses do, it took action necessary to sustain itself over time.

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