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Chinese phone maker Vivo announced its Apex 2020 concept phone on Friday via press release after its originally scheduled launch at Mobile World Congress was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

The latest iteration has a 6.45-inch curved display that bends at an angle of up to 120-degrees on both sides, resulting in an ultra-narrow bezel and a futuristic aesthetic. Like the 2019 incarnation, ports and physical buttons are nonexistent, instead that latter is replaced with virtual pressure-sensing buttons. As its predecessor did, the Apex 2020 has a dual-lens camera setup, but this time around, Vivo managed to cram a 16-megapixel selfie camera inside the display. This marks the first time Vivo has unveiled a so-called under screen camera, effectively killing any need for a notch. It appears to be identical, to the "under screen camera" technology debuted by Vivo's sibling, Oppo, which is owned by the same parent company. But it's worth noting Oppo never released a phone with the camera technology that consumers could actually purchase, and APEX handsets aren't made for production either. 

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