Anulom Vilom Pranayama reduces diseases of the body and brain.

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Hello friends, I wake up every morning and do exercise, some exercises are such that every person can do it, they maintain our energy and make us a balance, it gives some benefits but energy is most needed in the body because To run the body, we need food, water, air, others, man increases and decreases his energy every day, he depends on our routine, for this we should exercise daily so that everyone's body remains healthy and others live.


I do an anulom vilom pranayama, it balances my brain and gives strength to my thoughts, I understand my feeling, during pranayama we have to take care of the breath, pure air goes inside us and polluted air comes out. Pure blood also gives nutrition to your organs, Anulom and Vilom do more age but now you can do it at any age, this exercise strengthens our brain, but before doing exercise, there should be information about its easy

First of all, it is necessary to sit your posture, then the right hand has to start from the nasal posture and keep the right nostril closed with the thumb and breathe through the left nostril, keep it between the two fingers and keep the left palm on your knee. Then you have to keep your three fingers open too, this method is very easy in which you can do this posture from child to old age, you can breathe in this asana through one nose and take it out from the other, always right exercise makes us good but wrong exercise can harm our body can hurt

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