Children learn a lot from art.

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Hello friends, I know very little about art but I am learning to make good art for children, I need a lot of time for that but some children have started making good from now so I take some children and put them on the blackboard Lets start drawing pictures this girl is studying in class 7 it has just been 15 days of school and started drawing pictures from now I just see some good kids skill and try to learn them well this girl also art It is very clever in making because children have the quality of making art since childhood, the teacher only gives them the right decision and tells them how to make art.


Then the child starts making the kangaroo, I start it down and say that first start making the legs and then ask to make its waist and then to make the mouth of the kangaroo because the children can make the right picture easily May I then ask to make a baby kangaroo but it is getting difficult to make so I try to understand because it is necessary to rotate the right choke in which he can make the picture good according to the line, children always show their experience good Yes, but for some reason a mistake is made, then we try to explain them and outline them the right art.


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