Education has its own importance

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Hello friends, today's time is special because education has its own importance, education always increases by sharing and knowledge increases but people's views have changed but nowadays education is bought and sold in money but we educate children. I give knowledge to them, they learn why education is important for you, I have not yet read much about education, but according to knowledge, I understand so much that knowledge is different in everyone, some are weaker than intelligence but then He takes his knowledge in a different direction, he also gets that success, no one should ever be underestimated.


Today we children are again learning art but it is easy and difficult for children to learn art because some children learn quickly, some children learn late, so it is always necessary to show the right direction to the children, I told the children about a picture There are 26 children in this class out of which one child has said that sir I can draw this picture, then I have given art book and choker in the hands of the child, that child starts making art and says that I can draw this picture. It can take time to make this is a class 5 kid very interested in making this art so it makes very good art


I think you will like this post.
Enjoy your Saturday. A good education makes us learn something new in life. Welcome to this Science.
Have a good day.

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Keep up the great work ❤

thank you! @tasty.container

Nice article keep it up

thank you. @azianthony

Great read, keep up your work. Educating ones self is key. Thank you for sharing.

thank you. welcome @missalchemist