I believe in my God.

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Hello friends, have you ever thought that God has created such a lovely sun. He removes the darkness. and gives light to the earth. But the light never dims. Man has created a bulb. Whose limit never expires. Everything created by God is very good. Trees have been made. The sky has been created. Which is made up of many beautiful. As the light diminishes. That's how the color of the sky changes. and made other flowers. Then it blooms. Till then there is sunlight. And all around there is the sound of the wind. Yet man only does dirty things. God has to clean that filth. Because he knows. That man always thinks of himself. So stop thinking. And want to make the world heaven. So put an end to your fighting. and taught others to live. And give proper importance to your own life.


I get up early in the morning. and gets engaged in his work. First I go for a walk. The sun is coming out so cute. Because he is making the earth beautiful. I continue my journey. And give right direction to life. But I have started praying to God. And I have a question to ask God. That's why man thinks about himself. I think too. But changing my direction, I move forward. I wait for the time. I have never thought that God will hear my prayer. But nowadays I am incomplete. Because God has stopped thinking about me now. But I believe in my God. And I hope that God will keep me in his refuge. He will always show guidance. I imagine God.

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Enjoy Sunday The first ray of morning sun touches the heart. God has given us a new day.
Have a good day.

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Amazing 😀 imagination,your thoughts means a lots of life's golden lessons to the people of @bestofindia:) gorgeous sunrise click.
Thanks for sharing 🤠 such a wonderful blog through the steemit world
Have a wonderful moments 🥰
Pls keep sharing your blog w/ us & be happy and healthy

Thank you my friend! welcome @layersinn