My poem, The bird has learned to grow with the trees

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I was thinking for many days, get the earth
These are the trees in the earth, which I can see from here,
Blooming flowers, the bird said, It is a lovely fragrance,
soak your limbs with fresh air

I can see that I have something on earth,
Everywhere has come as a source of happiness,
Little wings roam the earth,
Flying and looking at the sky far away

I ask the world never lose it,
Never cut trees, in which all the world is,
Always keep learning to grow with tree,
It's a reality full of everyone's dreams


Enjoy your Friday. A new poetry with new ideas. Which you like after reading
Have a Nice Day.

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Yes bro, the tree cutting is one of the most harmful point of all.

We should have to fight against it.

Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts with us.

than you, most welcome @alfazmalek