What is the reason for not receiving TRX for ten days

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Hello friends, I am seeing since many days that TRX is not being received, I do not understand the reason but I have searched a lot in which TRX is not coming from 05/10/2021, this has happened for the first time also but After a few days it started coming but this time it has been 10 days so far no hope is visible so I have tried to try some new ones, I have also prepared new wallets, so far no specific information on that too Haven't received it, I am still preparing a post by continuing the effort in which it can be solved by talking to some friends.


Then I talk to some of my friends but they also have no idea about them, I have not seen any reduction in TRX yet but I have benefited a lot from TRX in which I have also got a chance to buy many coins. I have done my lockdown work. Have done with these coins, it is not less than a gift for me but the gift has stopped getting, in which the problem has increased, I have learned a lot in TRX, TRX transactions work very fast, you can do it You can also buy and sell whose price you can easily see

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I haven't noticed that if I am getting it or not. Hope that your problem is solved.

you are right! thanks @hafiz34

TRX is really a nice coin . I always hope that TRX will reach a reasonable all time high. Please whenever you discover the reason why you didn't receive TRX for ten days don't forget to share.nice write up

yes, thank you my friend @wilosmith

Yes TRX is a great coin - it’s fast and has the smart contract , DeFi, and NFT capabilities of ETH, but with lower fees. I’m sorry that you’re missing payments - I wasn’t aware that we could expect TRX payouts every day, so I’ll have to look into this!

thanks for telling, welcome @catotune

I also did not receive TRX till now. I also created a new TRX Wallet thinking there might be something in the first TRX wallet. But nothing works.

Looks like only the concerned authority can take action about this. We have nothing to do.

wait, thanks for information,