Evening walk around the area (8 pictures)

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Today I want to share a small series of photographs taken during one of the many evening walks in St. Petersburg.

For three years now I have been trying to take a regular walk in the evenings if during the day I had little physical activity. As a rule, I take walks near my home. Often I take some pictures while walking. Apparently it's hard for me without photography. And I also explain this by the fact that in this way I gain experience in photography.

The area of ​​St. Petersburg, through which I am walking, is very well lit. And even in the dark, you can take a photo here. I also like the illumination of these streets.

That said, I usually don't take my camera with me. I just shoot with my phone, which is always with me.

In the frames, I try to catch the lines of streets, buildings, reflections or individual objects.

In general, it is better to watch than read.









Huawei P20 Pro

I strongly recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.

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