Hive Price Testing Important Resistance

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I shared a post a few days ago Hive is Ready for Altcoin Season? and shared this pattern which Hive price can try this.

Ekran Resmi 20210121 21.02.13.png

It is taking firm steps forward to realize this bowl pattern!

As the daily RSI stays above 60 the climb will accelerate. Today RSI broke the resistance!

The price is above the 100-day average for the past 1 week. Volume has been rising in recent days. Today it tested the 0.15 USD resistance. It is so important that It has not been able to break this resistance for the last 3 months! If it break?

Ekran Resmi 20210121 21.05.23.png

I said I thought someone at those prices was quietly collecting Hives. The operation may be in progress.

We will see...

Hive on.

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