Reached 1.000 Leo Power - Milestone 2 Completed 💪

in hive-119463 •  4 months ago 

Today I powered up more than 100 Leo Power and reached 1K Leo Power. It was my 2nd Milestone. I am not happy to see Leo Price increasing. Because I would invest more :/ I think I am so late...

LEO price going up. 3,x Hive is equal to 1 LEO. My goal was to buy when 2x Hive = 1 LEO.

I seems that I will go more...

I am changing my strategy and I can but until 4 Hive for 1 LEO.

My 3rd Milestone
I will power up 2500 LEO at the end of January!!!

I will invest all my DCity, Steem income to LEO!

Let's see...

Ekran Resmi 20210104 20.49.15.png

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Have a witness !BEER

very ambitious, all the best for your plan!

I see some people posting on Steemit, but at the bottom of their article it says article posted by Leofinance. I know Leofinance is a part of the Hive blockchain. Is there a way to post on Leofinance and have it post here on Steem as well?

Copy paste :)

Okay, thanks. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing some automated way to do it