The Worst Case Scenario for Bitcoin Prices

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Here is hourly chart of Bitcoin. After ATH, Bitcoin prices felt more than 30 percent!

Is this a correction or a trend reversal?

The worst case scenario is to being trend reversal. If it happens what will be done?

Here is a head and shoulders pattern on the chart. If it happens, the goal of is pattern is 18K. 18K is also fibo 0.618!

How does such a situation happen?

We should follow purple trend line! If it breaks down, price drop may gain momentum and head towards the target!!

The deadline for Tether to submit the documents requested by the New York Prosecutor’s Office expires on January 15th, 2021!!

In order for this scenario not to happen, it must go over 37K!

Be careful and lets see...

Ekran Resmi 20210112 20.50.29.png

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