Waiting for Bloody Weekend of BTC

in hive-119463 •  3 months ago 

I am waiting for bloody weekend of BTC. Are you waiting?

I am ready for dump of BTC. I shared a post 13 days ago about 5 Reasons For BTC Price May Go Down to 12K USD

and waiting price to see at 12K level...

Here is bearish chart of BTC after death cross...

Price tried to go up above 50-day average but it became a resistance.

Actually I was expecting the 200-day average to work as resistance.. Maybe in the future...

Ekran Resmi 20210708 21.55.06.png

Why I said bloody Weekend?

  • MACD and fisher indicators say that bloody weekend is coming...
  • RSI show us bearish trend will be continued until September.
  • This weekend RSI Red support line may be broken down. If it breaks?
  • what if it doesn't break? Yellow line may be broken up.

Ekran Resmi 20210708 21.55.24.png

Follow the lines...

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