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Greeting Splinterland warriors!

I hope you will be fine and blessed today i am here again with another post of splinterlands in which i am going to share the new card for today along with the league information and quest rewards for today.


From far away, a Roc may be mistaken for a normal bird, but once it comes closer its true size can be appreciated. These massive birds never stray from the Burning Lands, most likely due to the warm ground and favorable nesting conditions of the uninhabitable wasteland of The Unknown.Splinterlands

Many players are ignoring this monster in their battles because of the new cards from the untamed edition and reward card system have also many awesome abilities so the big reason is that they are ignoring this card from the fire family. To be honest i am also not using it in my battles because of the Fineas Rage which is a new reward card from the current edition which has also reach ability but looks like a powerful card with enough speed. But when it comes to the earthquake ruleset so everyone will be going for the giant Roc to use in their battles because of its flying ability at level 1 with melee attack.



When it comes to the abilities of this card then Fineas rage can not compete with this card because of its abilities like you can see the flying ability, reach ability and a nice ability that you can get at level 6 which is the trample ability when it kill the monster it will double attack on the next monster also from the 2nd position. Recently i made it level 4 as it was before at level 3 but at level 4 the melee attack of this monster got increased to 2 and one will be getting from the summoner so i made it level 4 which is enough at this stage because i am not using it mostly instead of the earthquake ruleset.



I started late the splinterlands like just joined the game when the untamed edition started so did not bought a pack from the alpha/Beta edition to get these card. However, this is not a reward card but you can get lots of BCX while opening the beta packs and many people got it in the Gold foil edition worth of $4 nearly even a common card. However, i just invested money in buying cards of the beta edition only like upgraded my Fire, Water and Earth Summoner to level 5 which cost round about $50 these summoner i bought early when i started the game so i was not aware of the price and markets that time. By the way i am still happy that i have these summoner through which i can play the game and earning some dec tokens that recovering my investment.



Don't know what happend to the season i think the season is now 10 days right? because i did not touch yet the diamond 2 league yet and only 2 days remaining which is very difficult for me to reach atleast diamond 2 this time because i crossed the bridge of gold league today and reached to diamond 3 so lately for this time. However, still two days remainning so i think i will just stuck in diamond 3 because of the marriage cermony of my cousin so i will be busy from tomorrow so no time for playing till 3 days after sunday i will play it but i think that time the new season will begun. Still i will get 40 loot chest at the end of this season which is also enough for me but i will try my best to reach diamond 2.



So here is the quest rewards for today that i completed with death splinter using mimosa nightshade in my battles to win the games and completed the quest along with jumping from gold to diamond league. But the rewards for today's quest were not so cool like getting only few dec tokens in 4 loot chest total value of dec is rouund about 40 and also got 3 common cards with 3 potion charges.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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