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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine i am here with another post of Splinterlands in which i am going to share the quest rewards of today and a legendary card from the Neutral family that i got from the quest rewards in the last season.


It oozed into the Mount Mox arena as a puddle through one of the drains in the outer walkway. It then took the form of a Gloridax Guard and watched with intent curiosity as the next pair of summoners entered the tournament grounds and began ritualistically summoning their monsters. Then with a breeze, it assumed the shape of an Air Elemental and joined the battle in progress, which made the scoremasters think that Tyrus had performed an illegal resurrection.Read more

Have you got this legendary monster yet? or did you bought it from the market? I just got from the quest rewards in the last season to be honest i did not knew about this card but when i got it i see it for the first time because did not heard about this card before but this one seems a perfect non attack legendary card that i am holding in my collection and will be using in my battles especially in a specific ruleset where you can get poison attack from the ruleset each round your monster will get damage from the poison effect so using this legendary beast in that ruleset will give you a favor to not getting the negative effect from the ruleset or from the monsters or summoners.



Almost if you check the price of legendary reward cards which is round about near to $3 or $4 same as the ANCIENT LICH legendary card which is a death splinter monster worth $4 so i though this monster is also from the reward cards the price of this monster will be same as other legendary cards but this is not true when i checked the price of this monster that time when i got it from the quest it is worth $11 which is almost equal to gold epic cards but now the price of this card reduce to $7.5 which is still expensive as compared to other legendary cards. However, the price is a bit high because of neutral family that you can easily use with every splinter like death, water, fire and life etc.



The abilities are just awesome because of the negative status effect which will not get damage from the poison effect it measn that the posion monster like mushroom seer can not apply the poison effect on this monster because of its immune ability. The next ability is phase which you can get from this monster at level 2 means that you need 3 BCX of this card to make it level 2 to unlock the phase then it will miss a chance of magic attack monster and then the two more abilities are return fire and reflection all the abilities in this monster are awesome but you need lots of BCX to unlock these abilities if you are playing for leaderboard or for higher leagues like champion leagues.



Here is the quest rewards of two days that i did not shared because of making other post like rising star game and sharing the season end rewards so today i am sharing these rewards in which the first rewards are from the recent quest with diamond 2 league in which i got some nice rewards like one rare card along with 3 common and a nice amount of dec tokens that you can find in the snap 1282 almost 1300 plus dec tokens from the quest rewards which is equal to $1 from the quest is a not a bad rewards as compared to other days and the 2nd quest rewards are not so good but still enough.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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