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Hello, Rising Star Fans and music lovers!

I hope you will be fine and blessed i am here again with another post of the rising star game in which I will be sharing the game progress and will talk about record staking and some other missions that i completed with the S17 jive Bunny card in the easter eggs special missions.



Here is my dashboard of the rising star game where you can see all the progress of my game still slowly but as you know that slow and steady win the race so i am not leaving the game but i will continue the game progress slowly. Now i need to do some music lessons to reduce the ego and will balance the fans and skill point ratio to reduce the ego. However, its been a long time that i did not share a post about the rising star game but i did not complete the music lessons in the last week because i did some special missions with the new card that i got and got some limited edition cards the bunny bass and easter egg guitar.



Well, in the new update recently there is a rising star angels dashboard with record staking where you can earn some starbit while staking your 1000 starbit in the pool. Here i already stake some of my starbit like round about in the 8 starbit pools that you can see in the snap and lots of people participated i don't know the process of this staking rewards that how it works but i am earning some starbit in very less amount from the pools that you can easily check in the snap with shares and rewards that i got from the staking.



Here you can see the records with a little bit earning currently i earned 640 starbits token from the pools by staking 1000 starbit in different pools. However, i am not selling my starbit so it is a good way to stake your starbit that you can earn from the missions and increase it by locking it in the pools to get staking rewards daily. 640 is not that much but still good for me and will stake more starbit in the pool soon.



Currently, i just bought 18 packs in which i bought some packs with the hive and some with starbit earning and then later i bought some vibes tokens which gave me some good return in the form of starbit earning and some cards which gave me a benefit to unlock higher mission for getting high rewards. Still not a bad investment so far and i will invest in this game more same like the splinterlands.

image from Risingstar

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