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Hello, steem Community and All Friends!

I am here with a new game The RISING STAR that i started two days ago but still not getting the game yet so i am in a learning phase. The game seems to be a nice one and it's only two days that i started this game and become of fan of the rising star game.



Well, lots of people are playing this game even i joined the rising star game discord server 4 or 5 months ago and was trying to learn this game but later i just skipped the game then recently i tried to login to the game sometimes still i was not getting the game that how its works and finally 3 days ago i just started the daily mission by clicking on start the mission and the first mission was illegal busking without having cards or fans anf after completing the first mission in five minutes i got few startbits tokens.



Well, in the start i don't have enough fans or cards that help me to increase the fans or energy boost i was only playing the illegal busking mission in the home town menu so you can see here in the snap that the total missions completed are 76 and most of then missions are the illegal busking which are 48 out of 76 and with these missions i earned 1k plus starbits tokens.

R22 Derek

Yesterday, i just bought a random pack with 5 hive and i opened it and got 3 cards including one rare R22 Derek and two commons so this card help me out to increase my fans a little bit and because of this i started some more missions like open mic night and mid week support slot that helps me to reach the level 7 soon will reach to more higher levels and will buy some cards for boosting my energy to do more missions.

R22 Derek MARKET


Well, i don't know the other properties of this card like skills luck and 1m, etc but just checked the market price of this card where i found some higher bids about this card like most of the people are selling this card with higher prices so still seems a good return of investment if i want to sell this card right because i just invested only 5 hive to buy a pack and now i can sell this card with round about 25 hive or less still 10+ hive profit, but not yet i will hold this one because i need more fans for playing game missions now waiting for the 100 mission completion then i will get a card.

image from Risingstar

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