Big Old Bamboo And Wood Trunk On The Beach

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Hi all.
Good morning steemians. This time I will show a picture of bamboo and wood that I found on the beach. First I found an old bamboo stick lying on the black sand.


It is strongly suspected that the old and brownish black bamboo stalks were carried away by the currents of the sea waves, until they were dragged to the shoreline.
This bamboo looks attractive and artistic when it is on black sand like this.


In addition to old bamboo sticks, here I also have many old wooden tree trunks that were dragged by the receding sea water. The one I took a picture of was this big wood.


This kind of wood is great if we use it as firewood for cooking at home. Usually local residents take wood here to take home and use it as firewood to boil water, and also boil all kinds of things. It's good to be able to save gas at home.

Okay, here we are together this morning, thank you all steemian.

Success for all of us.

By @midiagam

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