Challenge - Stay home, share 3 travel photos [Day - 13]

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I think we all just love travelling, exploring different places. Yes, of course, we have choices, preferences but overall everyone loves travelling. I have also seen that some prefer to go relaxing places just to chill and enjoy the weekend or holidays. Some prefer beaches, some mountains or some big cities. Doesn't matter actually where you are going as long as you are enjoying.

My last travel diary was kinda hectic, long because it was a 15 days tour and I have completed exploring Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia together. I don't like a hectic, tight travel schedule. I prefer a more relaxing process for travel.

Well, Today is Day 13 of this challenge and I really enjoy digging my memories to complete this daily challenge during this lockdown time. I don't know whether I share something useful or not but I love doing this challenge.

Now it's time for today's travel images...

Universal Studio, Sentosa, Singapore


I personally think that if you are planning to explore Singapore, you should visit Universal Studio as well, one of the best theme park so far. Well, I have never been to Disney Land or other universal studios but this one according to me is really good to spend time with family and friends. Basically, it's a theme amusement park based on Hollywood universal studio and a lot of activities to do and explore the world of universe movies.

This is the picture of the entrance of the Universal studio, every day a lot of tourists come here to explore and capture pictures infront of this globe.


Beas River, Manali...


This picture I have taken from Manali and you have seen it into many of my posts. This river is known as Beas River and the Manali resort town is located at the bank of this river. The origin of this river from Himalaya and this river somehow connected with GANGES and INDUS Basins. This river flows about 256 kilometers in Himachal Pradesh and it holds a very important significance from religious point of view.

Many activities can be done like rafting, boating when the river is calm, quiet. And if you want to explore, this is the best place for you from the point of sightseeing and adventure.


Sylhet, Bangladesh...


I have captured this picture somewhere from Sylhet, can't remember the exact location but there was a reason behind taken this picture. I wanted to remember and share the exact location where waterlilies can be seen. This picture has no actual meaning I know but it represents the beauty of Bangladesh and why pink waterlily is our national flower and why Bangladesh is a riverine green country...


This is it for today and hope you guys are staying at home and safe. See you tomorrow with more pictures...

Thanks to @psos for the challenge, if you want to participate check here. You have to only share 3 travel pictures and have to use #travelathome, very simple, easy, and quick challenges.

Stay Home, Stay Safe...




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