Enjoy Life | I love the novel “Tell Me Your Dreams” by Sidney Sheldon | 我愛的小說「告訴我你的夢]」 作者: 席尼·薛爾頓

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The plot of this novel involves crime, legal system and multiple personality disorder, which intrigues me to know whether the story goes like what I think. It turns out that my guess is wrong.
At first, I think this is a story about a serial murder. Then the plot starts to describe the process of trail of court. Next, I realize multiple personality disorder causes the defendant to commit the crime. Then, the doctors tried the best to treat the murder.
The twisting part is the affectionate father suddenly turns into the molester and raper!!! I really hate this part.
In fact, I think it is not so easy to treat successfully multiple personality disorder. And the father deserves a bad ending. So, I guess the monstrous personality of the defendant will likely kill the father finally.
This song in the novel is a metaphor for the ending of this story...
“All around the mulberry bush, The monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought ’twas all in fun, Pop! goes the weasel…”


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