Reflections of an artist at the mouth of the stove ...

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I know that for some, Christmas spirit is there inside their souls, everyday of the year ...

Therefore, here's a small reflection from a humble artistic perspective.

I know that those times, when everyone was writing before Christmas, some of the most unique Christmas letters to all your Family relatives, who were living maybe far from you, and you were going in a rush to the post mail, sometimes with weeks before Christmas, so the letters would be delivered in time by Santa Claus :) are somehow becoming history, with each second of this Matrix running fast everyday ...


Maybe now, we've just remained with nostalgic moments, in a hurry to the big trap of the funny Gathering as One ... which i guess it's a true trap ... and i will repeat for you once again ... All is one equals, Alone :)

Maybe that through this celebration, most of you have reflected on every single second of your Past, and in the end of your reflection, maybe with a glimpse of a smile, you've realized the silly traps of this Life, on which everyone of us are falling over and over, missing the truth, the sacred truth of what Life means ... or supposed to mean for each Soul ...

Maybe, soon or later we'll understand the meaning of Father Time, as my buddies realized already!


Therefore, celebrate every Christmas through its true meaning, no matter if you are just in Family ... like Hermione and Ron Weasley ...


Not even if you are just with your brother, far away from your Family ... just celebrate, say a prayer for the times ahead ... and hopefully at some moment, we'll meet again at that big round table where there will be only harmony, laughs and the entire atmosphere will be filled with the Sacred Spirit of Christmas!


Right now, even at Hogwarts, the great hall celebrates, as if it would be the magical day of Christmas ... and, as I know, at their school, it could be a daily occasion for a festive meal ... while the magic food is created non-stop by great elves like Dobby :)

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-17 at 21.35.45.jpeg

Meanwhile, maybe some of you would like just to sit in front of your fireplace and while you are sippin' your tea and eating your gingerbread, which invades with its flavor your entire house, maybe a Christmas story read by my buddy Dobby the magic elf, will embrace your heart.

Remember #steemians, The spirit of Christmas is there with us, within our souls and minds, as long as we believe in its magic.



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