Color Circle from @ARTSteemit: Week 3 || Red

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Hello my friends, hope all of you are doing well.
I am @abundancelife from Taiwan and so please to attend this contest by @ARTSTeemit / @veta-less
I will show you red things I find around me!
Hope you like it!


I took this photo in Cornell University. It's really cool design for me!


There was a exhibition with the theme of LOVE in New York Public Library. I shot this from the exhibition.


It's pretty firework!


The Capital Wheel in Georgetown, D.C.

All photos are taken by IPhone 6 Plus

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Hi @abundancelife

Nice collection of RED 🤩

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Hello, @abundancelife

Nice pictures.

I have a Contest: your method of learning speaking English. Would you like to participate in it? I am inviting you to take part in this contest.

Thank you.