Treasure Hunt 2: Watermelon Seeds

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Hi Steemians everyone, @huntcomp is holding a contest for the Whalepower community, this time the theme is posting photography about grains, seed or spices. For more detailed information you can visit the @huntcomp blog or you can also click here.

I myself took part in this competition by uploading some of the same photography taken using my smartphone. Here are some photos:






I focus photography on the competition this time on the object of watermelon seeds. In Aceh, there are two types of watermelons that are often bred by farmers, namely red and yellow watermelons. The watermelon seeds that I have photographed above are yellow watermelon seeds. The color is more concentrated than red watermelon seeds. From the watermelon seeds, I am creative in forming some writing like what you can see in the picture above.

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Welcome to Hunt Competition [ Treasure Hunt ] of Whalepower. @huntcomp is The Official Account for The Competition.

Thanks for participating.

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