Alternative World

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He lives in an alternative world which brought smiles to his face. Those smiles didn't flash from his face for a long time. There goes the lady who came to his life, and helped ease those pains unnerving his life. Somewhat his outlook changed by giving his focus on positive things. He began to appreciate simple things giving him simple joys.

She's looking at her brother in tears. There's smile seeing her brother happy after his depressive episodes. Crying because she seemed invisible to him. All he sees is the girl giving him the happiness. The girl she cannot see, only her brother does.

Before he met his girlfriend, unfortunate events caused him to get depressed. Stuck in his room, sitting at the dark corners. He refused to eat. Crying alone, until he started to talk by himself. Found imaginary friends, and an imaginary girlfriend. He found happiness with them, but they're just a product of his own mind.

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