Asian Artists (Music Themed 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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K-Pop is making waves worldwide, which was led by BTS and other groups such as Blackpink, TWICE, and a lot more. It seems Asian artists are able to cross the borders of the continent to be known in a global scale. Back then, it's rare for an Asian artist to enter in Billboard charts.

Before the current wave of K-Pop in Billboard charts, the highest charter in an official chart has been "Gangnam Style" by Psy, also from South Korea. Thanks to the comedic tune which became viral. That time, Asian artists are entering the component charts, but not the official Hot 100 singles, and Billboard 200 albums charts.

Notable Asian artists entering the Hot 100 before Psy is another K-pop group The Wonder Girls with "Nobody" charting at the Hot 100. Charice from the Philippines entered the Billboard Hot 100 with her hit "Pyramid", which also charted in many countries. Her first album went to No.8 of Billboard 200. However, the album of Charice was US produced.

Good thing, Asian artists are going global, and the advancement of technology has contributed to their discovery and success. Gone are the days when international music scene was led by Western artists. It's time that recording artists will be known without borders.


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