Because of You (Music Themed 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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I heard an old song from the boyband 98 Degrees, and they're the theme of my recent freewrite. That song is the 1998 hit "Because of You". I am not sure if there are other songs before that one with such title, but as years go by, there are other songs with such title was aired on radio. Thus, there can be confusion when requesting that song on FM radio back then unless you mentioned the artist.

So back in early 2000s, there's this American singer Keith Martin released the R&B ballad "Because of You", which may not have been a hit in other countries, but it was big here in the Philippines. The singer even transferred here in the country. Filipino R&B singer Kyla covered the song shortly after Keith's version, and it lengthened the popularity of the song.

By mid-2000s, another "Because of You" song came out. But it's not the kind of love song like the other two. It's the ballad from Kelly Clarkson, and it talks about the effects of her parents' divorce on her. Such a heavy, emotional, and heartbreaking song, which helped her "Breakaway" album sell more further.

But the pain in "Because of You" changed when NeYo came out with a song in the same title in the second half of 2000s, and it became a hit. In fact, he owned as he also titled his album "Because of You".

I heard there are other artists which has "Because of You" songs too like Nickelback, Tony Bennett, and others. It's just that those songs are neither played nor rarely heard in radio stations back then.

YouTube/Kelly Clarkson

Here is my music themed entry for the freewrite prompt "Because of You" which was written through the website

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