Heart Attack

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He is excited that it's the first day on his new job. The training for that day will be too intense so he took a good rest. That day came, and it will be an entire day of training. Aside from him, there's a lady who will be trained that day as well. While on training, they got along well but it seems she's quite reserved in conversing with men.

He know he likes her, and as they worked together in the same department, he tried to ask her for a date. "No!" she quickly replied, and he's quite shocked. After several days, he learned she's recently heartbroken, and decided not to enter a relationship yet.

He let time passed as she tries to move on. When he feels she's moving on, he attempted to court her again. Despite the teasing from their workmates, she declined. Her fears are still strong that she firmly declined. She decided to leave the job without leaving a trace to get contact from anyone. He was heartbroken, and left his job too because of his belief his persistence caused her departure from the company. Later, he found she passed away from heart attack. Her heart condition deprived her to love again.

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"no!" she quickly replied, and he's quite shocked.