In Self-Denial

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All those beeping sounds heard from the apparatus to keep patients alive. Looked at the watcher of a patient, she's crying over the state of her grandfather. He wanted to comfort her yet he cannot comfort himself but living in denial that his mom will feel better soon. Must be in self-denial

In the table are the nurses. They're playing songs in a moderate sound that it cannot disturb the patients and their watchers. A song plays called "When You're Gone", a kind of track a person doesn't want to hear when a loved one is battling for his/her life. It doesn't matter if it's a good song, the lyrics can drive tears from your eyes.

Then an upbeat song plays, somewhat bringing comfort in a depressive atmosphere. She's in sound sleep. All he can do is look at her while negative thoughts about what may happen to his mom. Repetitive words in the brain to turn away those discomforting thoughts. He tried to sleep in a metallic chair which is too cold, as he lays his head on the wooden divider wall. It doesn't matter if it's a light sleep. A slight rest from a stressful situation can give a bit of energy.

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