In the Hallway

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He heard the most painful words from the woman he loves on the phone. The break up that didn't give him sleep at night. Several hours before the break-up, she saw him flirting with another lady, the popular girl in the university who has been bullying her.

She's not popular in school but she was known for being smart, and focused in her studies. He is the varsity guy whom many ladies in the university will scream at whenever he plays at the football field. It's unexpected that he'll fall in love with an unpopular girl.

He walks in the hallway ignoring everyone approaching him being the popular guy. The sadness in his face speaks how regretful he is on what he's done. She walks in the hallway and crossed path with him. He felt ignored as she never stopped to talk or even look at him, while she went to the optical shop to get new contact lenses after she lost her old one in school.

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