Let Go (Music Themed 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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There's an era when Britney has been considerably the queen of music, and other female artists tried to do what she does. Well, let's not forget the rivalry she had with Christina Aguilera, though media and fans has pitted the two against each other. However, time came when the landscape of pop music was changed with the arrival of Avril Lavigne. She may not be a hater of Britney, but there goes the anti-Britney movement as other pop rock artists are behind her.

It was made possible through her first album "Let Go", which was preceded by her hit first single "Complicated". The album has great pop rock tracks, and you can sense the influence of fellow Canadian, Alanis Morissette, who came into the mainstream music scene several years before Avril.

Aside from other hit songs such as "Sk8er Boi" and the ballad "I'm With You", she was also known as a fashion icon notably for her weird and boyish style, which influenced Billie Eilish. Wearing a neck tie also became popular for females. And of course, riding the skateboard was associated to her during that era.

"Let Go" was even a big seller worldwide, managing to be as one of the best sellers for two years. Nevertheless, it remained as Avril's biggest album, and despite her succeeding success, it wasn't as huge as her "Let Go" days.

YouTube/Avril Lavigne

Here is my music themed entry for the freewrite prompt "let go" which was written through the website squibler.io.

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