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The spotlight is on, and upbeat music starts. Then there goes the women walking in the catwalk. After the walk of the models, her name was called. Everybody are giving applause lauding her creations presented by the models. She achieved her dream of becoming a successful fashion designer.

He's walking in the empty street, where houses are too distant from each other. The green view gives him delight. He never thought of leaving his hometown, and his farmland is thriving with great harvests. He's always been the country boy, and was never fascinated on what the city can offer. He finally had his own ranch, and built his dream home.

Going back a decade ago, she lives in the countryside where he lives. They're sweethearts but separated physically by their differences in ambitions. Yet the the two of them are united by their love with each other. The time came when they need to settle down, and got married, she got back to her hometown and live with the only man she loves who's now her husband.

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