The Backup

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The tension is high, and he's very much nervous as they will perform on stage. It's the most prestigious awards night, and they got their first multiple nominations. As a member of a boyband, the expectation wasn't too high for him, while the pressure is a bit high to support the other members.

He was labeled as either a backup singer or a backup dancer of the other members. No solo parts in every song they released. Thus, when he sings, nobody can identify it is him. He's got great dancing skills, but there will always be the favorite, and he will get the best part.

The most favored one will be trained to become the next big solo artist. The others are likely to have at least some solo releases, but interests in him is low. The management listens to what the record labels say. The band with millions of fans, but are treated like puppets by their bosses.

Popularity declines, that's expected from any pop groups. He is ready not to go solo. A different career he's looking up to, and prepared before the journey ends for the band. The unfair treatment in the industry made him decide to be away from the limelight.

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