The Battle

in hive-122035 •  2 months ago 

Source: Pixabay

In a dimlit room lies the mother in bed. Her eyes open, and disoriented. A day of battling the excruciating pain over her body whilst catching her breath. Helpless, so do her children. Pills don't work anymore to defeat the bad organisms settled in multiple parts of her body.

He came to look after his mom. Negative thoughts roaming his head of the worst possibility that might happen to her. At the same time, living in hopes and beliefs that might extend her life. It might not be a miracle but God's blessings on her treatment that will work amidst her terminal state.

The cold room with air conditioner on full blast, and the electric fan is on its peak blowing air that makes anyone shivers. Bearing with the emotional pains seeing the loved one like a melting candle. She doesn't talk, but her eyes speak words that's upon anyone's guess. Closed her eyes and slept, as the next day would be another battle.

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