The Reunion

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He received the invitation for the high school reunion. Looking back, he used to be the top student, and the valedictorian during graduation. There is so much pressure in him, and everyone are expecting he'll the most successful secularly in their batch. Things didn't fall to place after wrong decisions he has made because of his priorities. He currently works in a financial institution, and he's never promoted.

There goes the most hated student in school. The guidance counselor always call him for counseling, and the principal almost suspended him for his acts of bullying, vandalism, nuisance in the class, and a lot more. After the graduation, he took life seriously, and now became a successful businessman.

Both of them decided not to attend the high school reunion. The formerly top student in the class will not attend the reunion because expectations on him didn't happen. The problem student of the school won't attend as he doesn't want to brag on his achievements. He recently met with the members of the alumni, and he haven't heard anything from their mouths except boasting and gossiping.
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