Underwhelming 2 (Music Themed 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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There are some artists who achieved first album success striking while the iron is hot. Thus, they will release an album a year after the release of their first album or even up to two years. Other artists releasing their follow up three years in between might not work, based on underwhelming sales, as well as singles not performing well at the charts.

Alanis Morissette's second international album "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" was released more than three years after her extremely successful debut "Jagged Little Pill. "Supposed" album was still considerably a big seller but too far from the performance of "Jagged Little Pill".

Natalie Imbruglia released her second album 4 years after her first release "Left of the Middle". But interests torwards her has waned, and the album failed to make a mark. Sam Smith took 3 years to release his follow up to "In the Lonely Hour". His second album "The Thrill of It All" is a chart-topper worldwide, but lower sales and chart performance is evident on the album.

Fergie took 11 years to release her second album "Double Dutchess" after "The Dutchess". Her first album was highly successful being one of the biggest sellers during its time, and produced five top 5 hits. But "Double Dutchess" flopped. Yes, she released two albums in 2009 and 2010 as part of Black Eyed Peas. But the success of the group during those years isn't an individual success. Besides, Fergie has been on a break for years, and many has forgot about her as a solo artist.


This is my music themed entry for the freewrite prompt "underwhelming" which was created through the app squibler.io.

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