Self Defense Situation - Part 82: Knife Attack and Facing Multiple Attackers

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You usually train with your training partner and when you fight with one guy, you focus on him. When you are being attacked in real life, you cannot expect that there will be one guy who will attack you.

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Welcome back to Self Defense Situation - Part 82. In this series of posts, we usually talk about different situations and what you can do to defend yourself and get back home safe.

There might be multiple attackers. Sometimes it just happens so fast that before understanding what is going on, you have already been attacked. You can train to fight with multiple attackers. That gives you the idea of how it feels like fighting with multiple attackers.

Even if you are being attacked with three guys and someone has the knife, you have to be careful. Let's watch this video. All video credit goes to Nick Drossos.

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In this video, you see there are three guys moving forward. One attacker draws his weapon. He has a knife. What happens in a fight like this is, you will find yourself in the middle. And that is a vulnerable spot to stay and fight. Then you will get attacked from all directions and that will make it difficult to defend yourself.

Now if you are able to run and get out of there, you can do so. But if that is a close space, there is not much opportunity to run and get out of there. Or, if you run, they also run and catch you. And you have no alternative to facing it.

If you can talk to them and avoid the fight, that's cool. Otherwise, you have to make your move and counter-attack to defend yourself. You can attack one attacker and make you like a shield so that other attackers find it difficult to get close to you.

When someone has a weapon such as a knife, your focus should be on that. And if that attacker is close to you, you can attack him first. In a situation like this, you cannot predict what will happen and how they are going to attack you. You have to observe the situation and make your move accordingly.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. To learn more about self defense, you can join Self Defense View Community and check out some of my recent posts.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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